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For businesses, Kumar the Paralegal offers help with small claims court, debt collection for collection agencies, and to work on sub-contract to lawyers and law firms. 
For individuals, Kumar the Paralegal can help you save time and moneyas well as frustration dealing with small claims court, issuing eviction notices to problem tenants, and fighting traffic tickets. 

Are you a business owner who must sue in small claims court to collect an unpaid invoice or for breach of contract?  


Kumar the Paralegal can help you navigate the world of small claims court forms, small claims court fees, and small claims court rules. 


Are you an apartment building owner needing to obtain an eviction notice for non-payment of rent, breach of contract, or damage to property? 


Kumar the Paralegal can help you with the eviction process and navigate the Landlord and Tenant Board as well as the Landlord and Tenant Act effectively.

Are you a driver who got a traffic ticket or a speeding ticket? Are you facing an impaired driving charge? Do you fear that you will lose demerit points, putting your drivers license at risk and raising your car insurance rates? 


Kumar the Paralegal can help you defend your driving record. 



Kumar the Paralegal is experienced in collaborating with a debt collection agency to pursue all legal remedies available to them to collect money owing.


He also represents individuals and small businesses trying with debt collection and debt settlement. 


We help lawyers with routine court appearances that are transparent to your firm’s client.

Whether it is filing papers or responding to routine motions, using Kumar the Paralegal frees you to practice law. 

Mediation can save you time and money--and can keep your dispute confidential. Kumar the Paralegal is a trained mediator and has special skills to help you resolve emotionally-charged matters.


Many different types of disputes can be mediated including small claims court and landlord and tenant disputes. 


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