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Kumar the Paralegal helps lawyers save time, make more money.


Nearly every lawyer comes under pressure from business and personal clients to hold down fees. Yet often, their work requires spending time waiting in line at a court clerk’s office, sitting in a court room for a routine motion to be called, or having to file documents as part of a criminal, civil, or business matter.


It is especially an issue for sole practitioners or lawyers working in very small firms where they don’t have the support staff of the big Bay Street law firms.


Yet clients pay for all of this standing and sitting around, and lawyers waste a lot of time when they could be working on more productiveand profitableissues.


Kumar the Paralegal can save you time and your clients, money.


He works with you to take care of many of the routine activities that keep you from practicing law. And since he invoices you at his reasonable hourly rate, you are able to pass the cost along to your client either as a direct disbursement to the file or by marking up Kumar’s fee to cover your administrative costs.


In either event, Kumar’s involvement in the file is transparent to your client.


At the same time, sometimes a new client comes in the office and Kumar quickly recognizes that they need a lawyer for their case. For those situations, he is building a list of lawyers to refer these cases. He’d be pleased to discuss your areas of practice focus, and ways in which you and Kumar might work together to meet the client’s needs.


To learn more about how working with Kumar the Paralegal can benefit you – and your clients – call him at 647-342-4731 (office) or 647-409-5442 (mobile) to get the conversation started.


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Kumar the Paralegal can save Bay Street law firms time and money.
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