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A collection agency can recover more money by using Kumar the Paralegal.


Most people and businesses that fall behind in their payments want to work out a solution. But some just never respond to calls and letters, or don’t send money when they say they will. When a collection agency needs to turn to the courts to prosecute and enforce a debt, they need to turn to Kumar the Paralegal.


In Ontario, Kumar the Paralegal is licensed to go to court to obtain orders and enforce debt collection up to $35,000. He is experienced in collaborating with a debt collection agency to pursue all legal remedies available to them. If their final demand letter is ignored, he can then ask the courts for help including filing for an enforcement order and then obtaining and filing liens against real estate, equipment, and personal property such as a car or truck, and inventory.


Kumar has a flexible fee schedule when working with collection agencies and lawyers who handle debt collection on an agency’s behalf:

  • He will negotiate long-term contracts so collection costs are fixed.

  • He charges 15% of the amount collected as opposed to the normal 20%.

  • He offers volume and exclusivity discounts so that the more a collection agency uses his services, the less they pay per file, even though most paralegal services do not provide any discounts.

  • Disbursements for court fees are billed at cost with no “administrative charge” added as some paralegals do.

  • As a trained and certified mediator, he can try negotiating a settlement if the collection agency pre-approves. 


Kumar also represents individuals and small businesses trying to collect a debt directly using small claims court. For these clients, his fee is 20% of the amount collected.


It’s your time and your money. Kumar can save you both.


Call 647-342-4731 (office) or 647-409-5442 (mobile) now about your case.


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Kumar the Paralegal is experienced in collaborating with a debt collection agency.
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