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About Kumar

Kumar the Paralegal has been licensed by the LSUC since 2010.
Proustian Questionnaire


Why I love Canada:

Canada is a land of equal opportunities and where the rights of every citizen are entrenched in the Charter of Human Rights.


Which talent I would most like to have:

Sing like Luciano Pavarotti.


My favourite author: 
Margaret Atwood


Which historical figure would I most like to have dinner with:

Mahatma Gandhi


What I value most in friends:



Which living person do I most admire:
Celine Dion, a Canadian who has made it big, using her voice.


What occupation would I not like to have:


My favourite journey is:


Kumar Appasawmy is a Toronto paralegal, licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) in Ontario in 2010, the same organization that regulates lawyers.


He is a member of the Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO), and is a recognized Commissioner for taking Oaths and swearing Affidavits.

He speaks English and French fluently and can act for clients in both of Canada’s official languages.


Kumar represents business owners in small claims court all across Greater Toronto, where he helps clients navigate the complexity of small claims court forms, small claims courts rules, and small claims court fees. He handles collecting unpaid invoices, breach of contract, property disputes, damage to property, negligence claims, and harassment matters that are not subject to workplace tribunals.


Before Landlord and Tenant Boards, he helps apartment building owners to write up an eviction notice and start the eviction process. He also helps apartment building owners take action for non-payment of rent, collect for damage to property, resolves disputes over security deposit issues, and when there are tenant claims against a landlord.


Kumar will assist you with traffic charges not involving personal injury or loss of life that may result in demerit points, a driver’s license suspension, or substantially increased car insurance rates. He appears in Traffic Court on behalf of clients when they fight charges such as dangerous driving tickets, distracted driving tickets, impaired driving tickets (alcohol and other drugs), and careless driving tickets.


Kumar Appasawmy holds a B.A. degree in modern languages and literature, as well as advanced diplomas in French from Alliance Française de Paris and in German from The Goethe Institute in Munich.


He was awarded an honors diploma in Paralegal Studies from Herzing College, Toronto, and holds a certificate in dispute resolution from York University. 






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