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Courthouse at 361 University Avenue, Toronto
Small claims court rules, small claims court forms, and small claims court fees are specific and precise.
It can be daunting. 

Small claims court isn’t as simple as people think.


Small claims court is designed to speed up the legal process. And it canunless you forget something or make a mistake in the complicated small claims court forms and affidavits required to be filled in correctly and completely when you file a claim.


Are you a business owner who must sue in small claims court to collect an unpaid invoice, of up to $35,000.00? Or for breach of contract or because you have a negligence claim?


Kumar the Paralegal is highly experienced in helping small businesses deal with the countless small claims court forms and small claims court fees that must be completed and paid when you want to make a claim, and the many small claims court rules and small claims court procedures once it is time for your hearing. It can be daunting.


Each region and municipality has its own small claims court with its unique rules so it is important to have a paralegal who understands the slight differences from one court to the next.


Kumar the Paralegal can work with you across the Greater Toronto Area, regardless of where you live or your business is located:

  • Small claims court Toronto

  • Small claims court Mississauga

  • Small claims court North York

  • Small claims court Richmond Hill

  • Small claims court Markham

  • Small claims court Brampton

  • Small claims court Scarborough

  • Small claims court Pickering

  • Small claims court Ajax

  • Small claims court Oshawa

  • And other small claims courts in the GTA


Small claims court is intended to save you time and money when there is a dispute. Working with Kumar the Paralegal helps ensure that you do both. And, it saves your frustration and nerves, too. 


Call 647-342-4731 (office) or 647-409-5442 (mobile) now about your case.


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