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Saving you time and money handling small claims court, eviction notices, and traffic tickets.

Even though you technically do not need a lawyer to appear in small claims court Toronto, small claims court Mississauga, small claims court Markham, or small claims court Richmond Hill, it can be frustrating and time consuming. All across Greater Toronto, the legal system is process and paper-driven.


There are dozens of small claims court forms, small claims court rules, and small claims court fees. Incorrectly completed court documents are rejected. You will have to come back a second or third time. Kumar the Paralegal can save you time and money, as well as your frustration to seek justice. 


Learn more about Kumar the Paralegal and how he will provide you with professional legal services, at a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge, that go beyond the ordinary. He is a Mediator, a Notary Public appointed by the ministry of Attorney General of Ontario. He offers one hour of Free consultations to every prospective client.


Email us: or phone us at 647-342-4731 (office) or 647-409-5442 (mobile).



Are you a business owner who must sue in small claims court to collect an unpaid invoice or for breach of contract?


Kumar the Paralegal can help you navigate the world of small claims court forms, small claims court fees, and small claims court rules.  

Are you a driver who got a traffic ticket or a speeding ticket? Are you facing an impaired driving charge? Do you fear that you will lose demerit points, putting your drivers license at risk and raising your car insurance rates?


Kumar the Paralegal can help you defend your driving record. 

We help lawyers with routine court appearances that are transparent to your firm’s client.


Whether it is filing papers or responding to routine motions, using Kumar the Paralegal frees you to practice law. 

Kumar Appasawmy is licensed as a paralegal by the same organization that regulates lawyers in Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO)

What do paralegals do?  Why should you hire a paralegal, rather than fighting a case yourself? If you want to hire a paralegal, what should you look for?  Check out our FAQ page.

Check out our blog to find some helpful information about dealing with the small claims court system in the Greater Toronto Area as well as relevant legal industry news.

Kumar le parajuriste peut vous aider en français à la cour des petites créances, les infractions provinciales, telles que contravention pour excès de vitesse. Si vous êtes propriétaire immobilier, il peut également vous aider et vous representer à la commission de la location immobilière. 

Kumar the Paralegal delivers excellent value. He is experienced, calm, professional and mature. He provides the weight necessary to any courtroom setting and can assist with litigation, file preparation, collections and other services.

He helped me defend and litigate 3 to 5 significant cases against a ruthless real estate agent and I am forever grateful for his professionalism. He helped me win 3 Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) lawsuits by sitting by my side, hearing me, and lower my frustration.

Albert Leong

Director, Vision Conference at BCAMA; PR and Online Consultant, BC Legislative Assembly/Shin MLA - Chair, Outreach BLNDP

Kumar the Paralegal represented me in a conflict I had with my tenant, who had damaged my property. This same tenant also did not pay rent for several months.
Kumar prepared his case well and started the complex eviction process, including the eviction notice. Kumar was able to convince the chairperson of the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to have the tenant evicted. 


Shiva Talloju

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