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End-of-the-year collection problems? We can help.

Many law firms, especially business-to-consumer law firms, have a problem collecting on overdue client accounts. I’m a paralegal licenced by the LSUC and I can help you collect on overdue accounts. There are three advantages to using me to help you collect money owing to you: 1) I can help lawyers maintain a positive client relationship, 2) avoid confrontations, and 3) get paid.

I offer lawyers and law firms advantageous rates and bulk discount, when applicable. Here are two scenarios you are likely familiar with:

A – An account is more than 60 days overdue and the file is closed.

  • The lawyer has no need to contact the client other than to get payment.

  • The file may or may not have been concluded to the satisfaction of the client. Satisfaction does not matter.

  • The lawyer wants to get paid the amount on the invoice.

  • If the lawyer calls the former client directly, it opens the opportunity for rehashing the case and its conclusion, it allows the client to renegotiate the final payment amount, and it opens the door to bad will.

B – An account is more than 30 days overdue, and the file is still open.

  • The working relationship of lawyer and client is often one of colleagues working toward a positive conclusion. They are on the same team.

  • The tone of the relationship can change abruptly when the lawyer asks for money, even when the money is clearly owed.

  • Lawyers with outstanding accounts face a problem unique to the legal profession. It is highly likely that lawyers will not be allowed to stop representing a client just because the client turns out to be a deadbeat. A Judge may force you to continue representation.

We have an enviable record of helping lawyers and businesses collect the money they are owed.

If the collection does not proceed smoothly, my specific scope-of-practice includes acting for you in Small Claims Court for amounts under $25,000.

Call us 647-342-4731 (office) or 647-409-4552 (mobile).

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